success stories

here are some of the biggest feats our consultants have achieved over the years. imagine - What could they do for you?

1 million dollars

Driving $1 million in trackable sales via a single email campaign for a membership-based organization - the largest in organization history

1000 percent

Affiliate channel net profit growth of 1000% in a single year for products from AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile Wireless, Samsung, LG and more

700 percent

Growing B2B lead generation by 700%, while reducing cost-per-lead by 20%, year-over-year for one of the world's longest-running organizations


Can you keep a secret? we can. some of our consultants have managed inbound marketing for some of the world's biggest brands. they're not always allowed to reveal the names, but there's no hiding the accomplishments.


Our services

Creative. Integrated. Strategic. We won't make you pick between the three.

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Lead Generation

700% growth in leads, while reducing cost-per-lead by 20%? Sounds impossible, right? It's not. Our custom-developed B2B lead generation process consistently drives conversion rates of over 30% - while reducing CPL by 20% on average.

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UX & Automation

Are your customer experiences personalized, triggered, multivariate, dynamic, segmented, friction-free - and dare we say it...enjoyable? Seamlessly target, launch and integrate dynamic or static content, customer user experiences, communications and eCommerce.

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Actionable Analytics

Understand the who, what, when, and why of your customers. We'll provide you with more than just hard data - you'll gain insight and the power to do something about it.

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30% conversion rates? Record-breaking traffic numbers? That's the power of compelling copy. From articles, to ads, commercials, blog posts, presentations, technical papers, case studies and whitepapers, see what copy that converts can do for your business and brand.

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Ad Buys & Retargeting

With an online digital reach of 95%, we'll secure your business placements in the leading, targeted digital publications, and on the most heavily-trafficked websites, such as CNN, Yahoo, MSN and more! Plus, we'll drive undecided shoppers back to your business to help seal the deal.

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Social Marketing

Do you hear that? Your customers are calling...and tweeting, and liking, and commenting, and pinning, and using IG. Not even sure what all of that means? We can help you develop strategic short-term and ongoing programs and campaigns to help turn your everyday readers into your social brand advocates.

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Web Design

Do your web properties uniquely position you as the foremost destination for shoppers and readers looking for what you offer? Put the power of SEO-friendly, HTML5, cross-browser, responsive sites, microsites, blogs landing pages, and interactive digital experiences to work for your business. And, keep everything running with affordable, reliable hosting and site management.


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Define your business or mission in 30 seconds or less. Can't?

We can help develop, expand, refresh and manage your brand, logo, and marketplace reputation.

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Email Marketing

Our team members have successfully driven millions of dollars in email marketing revenue for product offerings from Adobe, AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Microsoft, Corel, Skullcandy, T-Mobile and many more. Let us empower you with responsive design, automation, CAN-SPAM compliance, IP reputation & deliverabilty management, lifecycle communications, testing, in-depth analytics, testing, social media & video integration, list management, smart segmentation and targeting.

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Digital, Print, Vehicle

Engaging, memorable pieces, both big and small. Whether for a booth, a car, a food truck, billboard, metro station or digital stand - we'll help your brand stand out in a sea of competitors.


The works

we believe that Good work speaks for itself - So, What's your marketing saying? here are some of the stories our team members have helped clients to tell.

Great Design book cover

Book Covers

CleanTex logo


Burtel Fire Landing Page

Video Website

Burtel branding

Branding, Logo, ID

Lip Kits HTML email marketing

Fashion eCommerce - HTML Emails

Fire Risk HTML email

Fire Risk - HTML Email

2G to 4G upgrade HTML email

2G to 4G Alarm Upgrade - HTML Email

Pearls & Grunge HTML email

Branding, Logo, ID

Great Design Vol. 2 book cover

eBook Websites - Design, Devlopment

Great Design landing page

eBook Websites - Design, Devlopment

3D Cleaning HTML email

Digital Marketing -Email, Landing Page, Lead Generation

Shoe Sale HTML email

HTML Email

2G Upgrade responsive landing page

Upgrade Campaign Landing Page - Responsive

CleanTex responsive website

Video Website (in progress)

Sell sheet

Digital & Print Sell Sheets - Security

Whitepaper landing page template

Whitepaper Lead Generation Page

American Idol + Samsung contest landing page

Lead Generation

AT&T HTML email

Affiliate Marketing

ShamWow logos

Logos & Branding

3D Cleaning Snowstorm HTML email


JetSteam branding rendering

Branding & Packaging

Kidspiration HTML email

K-12 Marketing

New York City cabs social media covers

Social: Covers

Music Software HTML email

Email Marketing

Adobe, Corel HTML email

Email Marketing

Dapper Male branding lead generation landing page

Loyalty Program

ShamWow package rendering

Packaging & Rendering

SalvageData print ad

Writing & Advertising

word on the street

check out the feedback our team members have received over the years from various clients and vendors

  • The ads you've developed for the client have generated the highest numbers we've ever seen for this audience

    SmartBrief logo

    J. E., Account Director


  • The [email you] did for this webinar had more clicks than any other advertisers blast we've done...ever! Congrats!

    Quality Digest logo

    C. M., Account Manager

    Quality Digest

  • Here are your June stats...Excellent results!!!!
    Thanks again for the continued support

    JOC logo

    C.C., Strategic Account Manager

    JOC Group Inc.

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by the numbers

Patents Pending
Leads generated

the brain trust

We're geeks that love people. meet the legacy crest crew.

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Richard A.

chief executive officer

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Emilie F.

Director, Digital Marketing

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Genet T.

Marketing Strategy + Consulting

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Kim F.

Digital Marketing Strategy & Analytics

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Daniel J.

Marketing :: New Media Consultant

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Mickey T.

Marketing :: New Media Consultant

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Gabe J.

Marketing :: New Media

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